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Question about Bach Flower remedy for pets

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I haven't found the Bach to very effective. I have one dog that you'd never know is Panamanian. I got her when she was a puppy so I know she wasn't abused. But when she's outside and it rains a drop, she's banging on the door, "Let me in, let me in!" With a heavy rain, she trembles and won't leave my side. And with thunder and lightening, I think she's going to have a heart attack! Heavy panting, shaking all over...I've given her the Bach right away but I haven't seen any improvement.

I recently read about giving dogs phosphorus 30c to combat fearfulness in those situations. I just ordered some 30X from Amazon, which is stronger than the C. So we will see.
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I don't believe the Rescue Remedy has any safety issues.  It worked for my dog when we first moved here, but I save it for when nothing else works because it made her REALLY mellow and I felt a little guilty about it.  I had also bought a Thundershirt and found that it works very well.  She almost asks to have me put it on her when the thunder becomes frightening.  It's like swaddling a baby.

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