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Samuel is ready for his new home

As you may know from previous updates, Samuel had a long way to go to his recovery. He was rescued in David by a good Samaritan who found him on the streets with an injured leg, probably from a car accident. She was a very kind woman, but did not have the knowledge nor the money to help Samuel get better. So about a month later, on December 26th, she contacted a friend who contacted the current foster. His leg turned out to be heavily infected (bone and tissue). He also was skinny and had tick fever on top of that. His leg was amputated because the bone turned out to be too brittle to attach any surgical steel to. The healing process went steady but slow because of the tick fever (low resistance). But, on April 7th, he was ready to start with the doxicicline to treat his tick fever and on April 28th, he was given a clean bill of health. After visiting the Spay/neuter clinic in May in Boquete, he is now SO ready for his new home. He needs a nice big fenced garden to run in (yes, he runs fast even though he only has 3 legs) and get rid of all his energy. He will be a good watchdog. He is young, about 1.5 years and has had all his vaccinations.

Can you give Samuel a forever home, or do you know someone that might want to adopt him? You can meet him tomorrow at the BCP after 10.30, or contact ARF for a meet-and-greet any other day/time with this affectionate, energetic tripod.



Photos: Samuel on December 26th and now (June 2016)



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What a handsome dog! He looks as though he may have some pit bull in him. That'll make him a great watch dog but not a dangerous dog, given his rehabilitation with loving humans. I just lost my pit last year. She was an absolute sweetheart, one of the best dogs I've ever had. But when she ran to the fence, whoever was there left quickly; she didn't even have to bark. But once I said it was okay, she showered the visitor with love.

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