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Museo del Café in Boquete

The Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), is in the process of promoting the museography of coffee or the Coffee Museum, the same will be located on the top floor of the Interpretation Center and tourist facilities (Cefati), in Boquete, Chiriqui province, in order to promote various projects of tourist interest in the interior of the country.


According to the ATP, the objective to prepare a Museum of coffee in a space of the Cefati of Boquete, is so that people who visit the place to know about the history of coffee, their varieties and the integration of this product with the culture in this province.

It also stresses that the location of the Cefati is perfect for this draft, since it allows you to highlight the work of the coffee growers, in addition to incorporating the rural tourism as an economic alternative, by means of excursions toward the existing farms in this place.

The entity convenes again businesses to participate of this act of public tender, whose specifications and spreads of charge can be obtained in the portal of Panama purchases, since the first act of tender convened by the ATP to implement this work was declared void.

The undertakings concerned, whether natural or legal, must have proven experience in this type of project and submit a design of the same.

The ATP has fixed until the 10:00 a.m, of 20 June, to receive the proposals, in their main facilities in the building Bicsa, Financial Center, on Avenida Balboa, on the 29th floor, Purchasing Department. Before this date, you can deliver the documentation relating, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, office hours.

It should be noted that the production of coffee in Chiriqui is an activity that due to the very special varieties that are grown has managed to obtain international recognition to occupy the first places between which it emphasizes the Coffee Geisha Jaramillo and Geisha Jumix, which this year in the Nineteenth tasting of COFFEES were awarded first place.

In the neighboring country of Colombia for example the implementation of museums of coffee has been of great success for strengthening tourism, in addition to enhancing the production and quality of this product.


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ATP anuncia Museo del Café e inauguración de paradores fotográficos en rendición de cuentas

  • Rendicion-cuentas-atp_MEDIMA20160705_016
Rendición de cuentas atp. Foto/Yorlenne Morales RPC Radio

|Viola Guevara Gallimore 5 jul 2016 01.30pm

En su rendición de cuentas la Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá (ATP) destacó la inversión en infraestructura que se ha realizado en estos 24 meses de gestión, resaltando varias, entre ellas Isla Taboga y Paso Canoas, y también anunciando nuevos proyectos.

Gustavo Him, administrador general de la ATP, se refirió especpificamente a la inversión de 1.5 millones de dólares para mejorar Isla Taboga y el inicio de la remodelación del edificio de Frontera de Paso Canoas.

Añadió Him que entre las proyecciones, se tiene previsto construir un Museo del Café, el cual estará ubicado en la ciudad de Boquete, provincia de Chiriquí, específicamente en el Centro de Interpretación y Facilidades Turísticas de esta ciudad.

Destacó la inauguración del nuevo parador fotográfico en la Cinta Costera y anunció que a mediados de julio se inaugurarán otros nuevos en Chame, Boquete y la Calzada de Amador.

Hasta mayo del 2016, a Panamá ingresaron unos 125 mil 808 europeos destacó Him quien señaló que el país continúa siendo un nuevo atractivo turístico para el mercado europeo. Esta cifra es parte del millón 122 mil 135 visitantes que de enero a mayo de este año, han ingresado a Panamá por vía marítima, aérea y terrestre. 

Lo anterior logró que Panamá ocupara el séptimolugar en un ranking mundial que evalúa la rapidez del aumento de llegada de visitantes a un país.




Following is an automated translation of this article. Fidelity is questionable.



ATP announces the Coffee Museum and inauguration of the Paradors photography accountability

In its accountability the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) stressed the investment in infrastructure that has been done in these 24 months of management, highlighting several, including Island Taboga and Paso Canoas, and also announcing new projects.

Gustavo Him, general manager of the ATP, referred especially to investment of 1.5 million dollars to improve Taboga Island and the start of the remodeling of the building of border of Paso Canoas.

He added Him that between the projections, it is planned to build a Museum of coffee, which will be located in the city of Boquete, province of Chiriquí, specifically in the Interpretation Center and tourist facilities of this city.

Stressed the inauguration of the new parador photography in the Cinta Costera and announced that by mid-July will open new ones in Chame, Boquete and the Amador Causeway.

Until May 2016, Panama joined about 125 thousand 808 Europeans stressed Him who said that the country continues to be a new tourist attraction for the European market. This figure is part of the 1 million 122 thousand 135 visitors that from January to May of this year, have entered Panama by sea, air and land.

The foregoing achieved that Panama deal the séptimolugar in a world ranking that evaluates the speed of increase in arrival of visitors to a country.


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Boquete mayor Emigdio Walker Vasquez is inviting all Boquetenos, for Tuesday, 16 May at the Mirador del CEFATI (Center of Tourist Facilities and Information - Boquete) where he will inaugurate the Center of Exploration of Coffee and the Parador.

The above-mentioned Photo Parador is not more than in multicolored the name "BOQUETE" similar to that found in the Cinta Costera of Panama and in the Central Provinces, the Parador photo will be located at CEFATI, with the name of BOQUETE.

This is the first Photo Parador in the province thanks to the Central Government, supported by the Tourism Authority of Panama and above all to the Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Agriculture of Boquete.

The inauguration is expected to count on the presence of the Minister of Tourism, His Excellency Gustavo Him, the Governor of the Province Lic. Hugo Mendez, the Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Agriculture of Boquete, and it is also expected to all Boquetenos.


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The following article is from page 7 of the July 2017 issue of The Panama Good Times newspaper.

For those who may not know, ATP is the Panamanian Tourism Authority. The location of the Coffee Exploration Center is a place that locals know as "CEFATI", which is the old name for the tourism ministry. There is a great viewpoint for seeing Bajo Boquete at the CEFATI building.


Newspaper Coffee Article cropped.jpg

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