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Relocation of Traffic Lights and Change of One-Ways in David

The Director of Transportation for Chiriqui announced that traffic lights in David were being relocated yesterday in an effort to reduce traffic congestion.

Without being specific, the article reports that he also said some one-way streets in the downtown area would be changing direction.


El director de tránsito en la provincia de Chiriquí, Diomedes Polanco, anunció la mañana de este miércoles la reubicación de semáforos en la ciudad de David, debido a los tranques que se están registrando actualmente.
Agregó que se realizan los estudios de las vías y determinar la ubicación de los semáforos.   
También anunció cambios de vías para ordenar la circulación vial ante el crecimiento comercial en el distrito de David.


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Glad they are at least trying to find a solution.  Certain intersections are mighty nasty.  The overpass didn't do much for the Super Baru/Novey intersection..(.they need an underpass there ) 

On the one way streets....now that's another common confusion. Streets that are the seeming larger roads are sometimes the ones you might need to stop  at an intersection on.  Lack of stop signs in places, unmarked streets and bushes on corners increase chances of making a driving error.  I feel so old ( ok ok I'm old ) when we find it necessary to park our car at Rey and take a cab to el centro because of the increased fear factor the closer you get to the ground zero of town.  Those cabbies either have nerves of steel or are driving in a  semi comatose comndition.

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I love the one-way streets in David that suddenly become one-way going in the opposite direction. Here's a tip for newbies: if there's a yellow line down the center of the street, it's a two -way. If no yellow line, it's a one-way.

The two stop lights between the overpass and Price Smart need to be synched better. Returning from Price Smart there is often long traffic jams because of these lights.

And the overpass . . . what a waste of money. A traffic light would have been perfectly adequate and we could have turned left or right on the Pan American without going all around Farmer Jone's barn.

And don't even get me started on the totally inadequate number of turn-around or cross-overs on the Boquete-David four lane road.

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Good news about the new traffic lights being LEDs. Any word regarding signs for the one way (una via) streets in David? I have the sense that population is increasing too quickly and the infrastructure is not keeping pace. Maybe the same situation is true of Boquete? 

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