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Finca Feliz News and Offerings.....

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Finca Feliz is a small organic farm where I grow fruits and vegetables (including greens for juicing), Moringa, medicinal herbs, flowers and an ever expanding orchid collection. I’m proud to be a First Place winner at this year’s Boquete Orchid Faire.


Depending what’s available at the time, I share my abundance with you at the BCP Tuesday Market every week.

Featured this week I have:

Moringa - Dried whole or ground leaves


Surinam Cherries – A Red Cherry extremely high in vitamin C and sooo tasty and sweet when picked at perfect maturity. A few small plants, to grow your own, will also be available.

Orchids – Encycli A Fragans grows a sweet fragrant flower that lasts 2 months. It continually spreads and multiplies so you can propagate your own.


Private Reserve Coffee – Never before available to the public, I have a very limited amount of coffee due to an abundant harvest this year


Bag of Juice Greens – A 1 gallon zip-lock stuffed with greens for juicing or cooking, including the leaves of 2 kinds of kale, collard greens, broccoli, cabbage, chard, and Moringa. This item must be pre-ordered by Monday at 5pm via email for Tuesday delivery. lvanderkar@gmail.com


Landscaping or planting a garden?  I am available for consultations and can provide many plants and cuttings to help get you started.

Medicinal Mushroom and Herbal Tinctures grown and created at Finca Feliz are available every week.


What is a tincture?  A concentrated form of a medicinal herb extracted via alcohol. A few drops under the tongue for immediately delivery to the body is all you need. If you don’t want the alcohol, I have most of the herbs available in dried form so you can make a tea.


Ashwagandha Tincture - Used in India’s Ayurvedic Medicine for 2500 years, this herb has been used as an anti-inflammatory, relieves stress and fatigue (making it a rejuvenating tonic), and helps with memory loss and related diseases. Western herbalists refer to Ashwaganda as “Indian ginseng”, because it is a powerful adaptogen. New studies show telomere repair for anti-aging and re-growth of hair. Boquete’s “feel good” tonic is organically grown at Finca Feliz.

Tumeric/Cucumin Tincture – A powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant supporting the brain (Alzheimer’s), heart (cholesterol), emotions (depression), and protects against and fights cancer.

Turkey Tail - Chaga Mushroom Combo Tincture - Used in Traditional Chinese medicine for 2500 years, these two mushrooms provide a powerful combination to stimulate the immune system and Chaga contains the highest amount of antioxidants of any natural product grown on this planet.

Moringa Oleifera Tincture - Proclaimed as one of the 8 "super foods" available from a natural source, full of vitamins and minerals, it is grown and consumed around the world to alleviate malnutrition and hunger. All our Moringa is grown organically at Finca Feliz.

Reishi Mushroom Tincture - Reishi is an important adaptogenic herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine helping the body maintain balance, treating fatigue, asthma, liver ailments and promotes longevity. Reishi has anti-viral and bacterial properties, and has a beneficial effect when treating cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. It balances the immune system whether it’s over or under active, as well as blood pressure, cholesterol and energy.

NANO Colloidal/Ionic Silver - A powerful natural antibiotic that is an anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial remedy. Used for wounds and infections, it is the only Silver that can be successfully used internally as it survives the passage through the digestive system to attack any "invasion" in the body.


A limited supply of Helichrysum and Oregano Essential Oils is available.

Always available Bach Flower Rescue and Sleep Remedies plus any combo you need, of the 38 available, for emotional balance.



Cabina for rent:

http://panama.craigslist.org vac/5577663119.html?lang=en&cc=us






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