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Tuesday Talks at BCP -- Who Ya Gonna Call?


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Your $1 admission helps us keep the doors open
10:30 in the BCP Theater
Tuesday, May 3 – Who Ya Gonna Call???  Need help getting your utilities hooked up, or getting a drivers license, or finding a plumber, or getting transportation somewhere, or maybe just some translation services? Three accomplished, bi-lingual Panamanian ladies and one very handy man will take the stage to tell us about their services. Speaking will be Gloria Cruz (Boquete Services), Geovana Caballero (Ask Geovana), Ford Hamberger (Call Ford), and Lorena Pitti (Boquete Bilingual Services). They each have their special talents and offerings.
Tuesday, May 10 – Hospice presents “Being Prepared”. Do you know the legalities in Panama if you were to die or become ill and unable to make very important medical decisions for yourself?  Laws you're familiar with in your home country do not apply! Did you know that you must have enough cash on hand to pay a doctor to pronounce someone dead and to have the mortuary pick you up? No credit cards.  No IOUs.  What will you do if you're hospitalized in an emergency and can't express what medical treatment you want?  And who can legally enter your home to feed your pets if you can't? What's your legal marital status?  What about wills?  There's a lot we ASSUME we know but we don't.
Tuesday, May 17 – Mike Potts and Al Mills present “The Rhythm of Life”.  Scientific research indicates that participation in community drumming has a significant positive impact on your health. Mike Potts, biologist and percussionist, will tell you how you can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and inspire creativity and more in a way that is easy and fun. Al Mills is the maker of cajon drums. Like meditation, community drumming is a path to better health and well-being, but can also be an enjoyable social event.  No cash outlay, training or previous experience is required to participate in this rewarding activity. There will be visuals and audience participation however, sadly, no naked dancing.
Tuesday, May 24 – Jose Arias will speak his business Memorial Group which owns a private cemetery a new funeral home and his brand new crematorium in David.
Tuesday, May 31 Mikkel Moller on Entrepreneurship in Panama. Is there an urge to start a business in Panama - ready to do more than just retire (reading, watching TV or playing games) - does your mate see more for you? Come learn about skills and the background needed - for what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. Maybe you are the next creative genius waiting in the wings.
Tuesday, June 7“The Adventure of Bringing Heliconias into Cultivation” by Carla Black Carla has lived in western Panama for over 20 years. Her interest in plants and gardening developed from her lifelong love of the outdoors. Her specialty is the native heliconias of Panama and Costa Rica. With over 200 heliconia species and varieties in her garden Carla has the largest collection of Heliconia species in the world. In her collection there are several undescribed species she has collected. She opens her three hectare garden to the public once a year, when she offers heliconia plants for sale. Currently she serves as president of the Heliconia Society International. We'll take a vigorous journey through remarkable habitats in the neotropics, and rest and relax in Carla's garden, too.
Tuesday, June 14 – Tom & Yella Werder will talk about relationships.

To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting
To become a vendor at the Tuesday market, email Elena Serracin
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