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Chiriqui.Life announces Podcasts on its website -- Rodny Direct is our first Podcast


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Chiriqui.Life is pleased to announce the launching of a new content type for its website -- podcasts. Podcasts in our context are audio only tracks that will be produced periodically by Chiriqui.Life. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be interviewed about information and news that may be especially important or noteworthy. These podcasts are in a new (fifth) category on the landing page

Podcasts are considered "premium" content, and will require a registered member status on CL in order to view the content. Again, there is no charge for this premium content, but registration will be required.

The first podcast has now been posted on Chiriqui.Life. It is an interview with Mark Heyer and a discussion about Rodny Direct, which is a 24/7/365 Emergency Helpline Service provided by Rodny Moreno. You may view this first podcast at:


The owners / administrators of CL recommend that you listen to this first in a series of podcasts about how to make your life more secure and easier. Rodny is s very special resource for our community, and you would be well-served to learn what all of his service offerings include. Just remember that you will have to be a registered member of CL to listen to this podcast. If you are not already a member, then signing up for an account is fairly quick and easy, and costs you nothing.

Marcelyn and Bud

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