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On the Passing of Dr. Herminio Carrizo

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Last year I wrote a personal note here on CL about meeting a very special person. He was Dr. Herminio Carrizo, a retired doctor who lived in Alto Boquete. Here is the link to that posting: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/653-a-special-encounter-with-a-panamanian-senior-citizen/#comment-2519.

He was an OB/GYN who was trained in the US. He practiced here in Chiriqui Provinice. We understand that he delivered thousands of babies during his almost 50 years of medical practice.

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Dr. Carrizo last night, April 25th, while sleeping. He was 93 years old, and spry, especially so for that age, even as short as a couple of weeks ago when we last visited him at his home. The family knew he was in failing health, but his passing this quickly was not expected. He is now at peace and home with the Lord.

When we learn of the services, we will post that information here.

With sadness in our hearts,
Marcelyn and Bud

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I was with the family all day yesterday in Alto Boquete and in David. We followed the funeral home van back to David. I drove them to David for some legal things on his death since their car was in the shop in David. We picked up their car on the way home yesterday so that was a good thing for the sisters. Two of his daughters are here now. My girlfriend works for the family. They then took the Sr. to Panama for creamation. Very interesting man; Doctor, pilot and was studying the French language just three weeks ago. I played dominos with the Sr. twice in the last month.

As a side note; I was told by person in the know (from a funeral home) that some agency in Panama City will not sign off on the new crematoria in David. He didn't give a reason. We will see.

Dr. Carrizo was a great man and friend.

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I didn't know Dr. Carrizo but I helped Hil with some contact info for the owner of the new crematorium in David which, apparently, is not yet operational. I heard via the rumor mill that the neighbors were delaying the opening of this facility by making complaints about air pollution, etc.

We will know more later in May as I have booked Jose Aria, the owner of this facility, to speak to us at the Tuesday meeting on May 24.

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A short Bio from one of his books; (in his book he states----copyright laws do not apply!!! Great man!)

Doctor Herminio Carrizo Villarreal, a retired OB/ GYN, is a Panamenian citizen, born in Ocu, Province of Herrera, in mid-1922. He graduated from the School of Medicine at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, on June 11, 1947. On August 22, 1948 he married, “by the church,” Miss Elma Beatriz Madrigal Hinojosa, from Rio Grande City, Texas. Doctor Carrizo practiced his profession in his native country. Herminio and Elma founded the Panamenian Christian Family Movement together with the following couples: Pepe and Margarita Camel, Roberto and Marianella Motta, Faustino and Vivian Rodriguez, Jaime and Mirella Arias, Menalco and Vangie Solis, Gonzalo and Irene Sosa, Carlos and Yolanda Sousa. Herminio and Elma attended the III World Congress of the Lay Apostolate as delegates of the Christian Family Movement of Panama celebrated in Rome during the Pontificate of Paul VI.


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In a recent visit with Marianella Carrizo Madrigal, Dr. Carrizo's daughter, we now understand that the mortal remains have been cremated, and that memorial services will be limited to immediate family members only.

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