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Followup To: Question of the Day - Restaurant Survivability?


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I continue to be amazed at and appreciative of our special Boquete community. When Marcelyn told me she was going to start the topic about Restaurant Survivability (http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/2076-question-of-the-day-restaurant-survivability), I had no idea of the depth and breadth of the responses that would come forth. And it has happened with other topics here on CL as well. You guys (we all) are amazing!

Sure, the Boquete area has some significant problems, such as lack of potable water in certain areas, not very reliable power grid, petty crime and some not so petty crime, potholes big enough to swallow an elephant (okay, I exaggerate a bit), etc., but with the people (no distinction in this context between Panamanian and expatriate), it strikes me that there is little that we can't solve, or at least substantially improve.

It seems to me that the integration of our multicultural community is perhaps our biggest shortfall. This causes me to think of more things to work on.

This kind of genuine sharing of information and thoughts has been both a learning experience for me, as well as humbling. I am so glad that we started this website.

Thank you for being a part of CL.

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The Boquete Knitters and Quilters is a multicultural organization.  Our members include USA expats, Canadians, Brits, Latina Panamanians and Ngabe-Bugle Panamanians.  We thoroughly enjoy sitting together and working for a common cause.

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