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It has been almost 10 years since we started this adventure moving to Panama, since we decided to start to help animals in this country, many ups and downs came to this project but DogCamp Boquete is continuing growing in the time with the help of members, a lot of effort, time and dedication!
DogCamp Boquete is currently taking care of 72 dogs at the shelter and 6 dogs and 7 cats are living with our wonderful fosters. There is always a need in our community to help animals in need.
Please know that your support is cherished and that it plays a pivotal role in transforming the lives of these animals.
DogCamp Boquete 501c3 Foundation couldn't continue to exist without your help.  
This month, our Founder and President Javier Madge is celebrating his birthday (December 14th) and most of you know him and the perfect gift for him is to continue receiving your support to continue helping animals that need to be rescued in this country.
Once again thank you so much for your incredible generosity and compassion. Togetter, we can make a significant impact on the lives of the animals in Panama.
Remember that December is a great month to make a contribution for a good cause.
How you could make a donation to DogCamp Boquete 501c3 Foundation?
Boquete 501c3 Foundation
is a registered non-profit in the United States and donations are tax deductible. 
EIN 92-3327311 
US Pinnacle Bank 
Name:   DogCamp Boquete Foundation 
Acct Number 800108920224 
Routing Number 064008637
Zelle - 704 441 4370
Panama Global Bank
Saving Account 
Nº 16 332 03033 8 
General Bank
Saving Account 
Nº 04-48-97-187187-1 
Yappy 68306858 / 69659423
Dog food, Medicines, Cleaning supplies and more, can be dropped off at:
TapOut Tuesday Market - DogCamp table at parking lot
La Granja Animal Supplies - Include a note DogCamp
DogCamp Boquete in Caldera
Thank you 🐾 DogCamp Boquete 501c3 Foundation
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