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No water...tanks getting low. Some dry

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Yah.. I got it Keith. 

Just up the road on the highway  there's a hole in the line with the pressure being relieved  .  Maybe they need to replace the screw cause right now...we're scr**wd.    Eh.....it is what it is.  We've got some bottled water to drink.

OK.....I'm going out to the baby pool for a bath and to collect some toilet flush water.  One day the water will be back.  Looks like rain.  We've taken a shower in the roof water from the downspout before.  It's quite refreshing. 

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Just got done with our baby pool filled bucket and a cup bath.  ( we figured that should bring the water...always seems to).  Got all dried off and a neighbor calls to tell us  the Mayor is on it and water should be coming in tonight.  For sure as soon as I hear it trickling in I'm rinsing off this chlorine !  I feel like I've been swimming in  a municipal swimming pool !

Meanwhile we scooped up some water from the pool for morning toilet flushes just in case.  Got the neighbors all set up too. 

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600 gal Tank was full in the morning.  At midnight before we went to sleep the 600  tank was close to empty.  (Somebody working for the twin of Boquete works late hours.)   By the time we finished our morning coffee, the Brisas community water supply was again off.    It's rare now to have water flowing during the day.  You have to have a reserve tank in this area.  I might mention that it was the  visit of one of our community residents  to the Mayor's office that got the water running.  We are appreciative.

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