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Healing is much more than taking the right drug[s] & having surgery if needed.


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It also involves working on yourself emotionally and taking greater responsibility for your lifestyle, attitude and patterns of mind. 

CranioSacral and Somatic Movement Therapy both promote and address the importance of the Central Nervous System upon our health and well-being. They help us see into ourselves to understand the effect of our lifestyle and thoughts on the body and in our personal lives. Through the deep reflection offered by both we have the opportunity to ask if we are creating stressful or healing hormones with how we're perceiving ourselves and others. Too, we  can reflect and ask if we are doing what we can to take greater responsibility for our healing and well-being. Both support us toward moving forward through naturally creating a balanced and strong meditative state, and serve to bring us more fully into ourselves.
"An Instructor of Somatic Movement and Practitioner of both therapies, I'm working on naturally healing myself of skin cancer. To begin, I recognize this imbalance is not new & has developed over the course of my life. Having received abuse to my skin from professionals when young as well as from myself- from excessive drugs and too much sun- I'm  electing to do what I can to create new facial skin and a healthy complexion. Fortunately, for my self-interest, my process of inner healing continually deepens. as I keep learning about and refining my diet and the supplements and herbs I take. Also, I exercise my body including my face, meditate, breathe, & practice self-reflection to experience where my patterns of thought and lifestyle can be more conducive to happiness and joy. And I practice gratitude daily.  
Totally, I believe healing is an inside job, and that both CranioSacral and Somatic Movement Therapy powerfully support and assist one's healing process. A student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, I believe, "Change your personality, change your biology and change your life." - Suzanna Clare, M.A.
To learn more about either or both therapies, session fees {including packages & offers], my location and/or myself, the Therapist, 
Do inquire and I will send a complete write-up. 
Looking forward to Meeting and Working with You Soon! - Suzanna Clare. suzeclare@gmail.com
* And please know, email is my sole source of communication. 
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