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Live In Chiriqui? Be Sure Your Name Is Included On This List.


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It's time to renew our list!


What if i was to tell you that you can be included on a list that gives you exclusive access to huge discounts on spa services at the Isla Verde Spa...and it's FREE TO JOIN!


What if i was to also tell you that by simply being on this list you will receive these great offers via email and save money on our wonderful spa treatments!


For the past year i have had a list of over 300 local residents who have been getting regular access to our specials each month and now it's time to RENEW the list.


Just a Few of our Tripadvisor Reviews:


“Mind-Blowing Hot stones Massages!

"We had no idea we were about to receive the best massages of our lives”

 “To Die for!” 

“An opportunity you should not miss!

“The Best of the Best!” 



So how do you get your name on our list?




Simply reply to me at mark@boquetemassage.com and say “include me’ and that’s it!


Then on Monday i will send out an email to the whole list with our exclusive discounts on our selected spa treatments and you get to SAVE


Mark Perren-Jones                 6948  6664         

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