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Hurricane victims block Chiriqui highway

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Hurricane victims block Chiriqui highway'


Posted 04/05/2023

The road that leads to Cerro Punta and Volcán in the province of Chiriquí remains closed and the protesters will not open it until they meet with a commission to speed up government action.

These are those affected by the passage of hurricanes Eta and Iota who are still waiting for the response from the authorities.

There is a shortage of products in Merca Panama due to the closure.

The residents demand that the government comply with the construction of housing solutions for the victims that they were promised two years ago.

They also ask that the roads that were affected by the hurricane phenomena be fixed.

Due to the closure, over 50 trucks carrying cargo are stranded in Cerro Punta

The arrival of a commission that will include the Minister of Housing, Rogelio Paredes, is expected.

Some producers have reported increases in some items, for example, yesterday carrots cost 17 cents a pound wholesale and today it is 25 cents.

Javier Pitti, mayor of Tierras Altas, explained that there are 116 families who lost everything who made the closure, he understands the situation, which he classifies as difficult, given that a large number of vehicles with products have not been able to pass.

The affected families are in rented places or living with relatives since the tragedy caused by the hurricanes.


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