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US Embassy Consular Services in Bocas Del Toro

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U.S. Citizen Consular Services in Bocas Del Toro – May 17, 2023 

The U.S. Embassy in Panama is pleased to announce that representatives from the Consular Section will visit Bocas del Toro to offer U.S. citizens limited passport renewal and notarial services, at Playa Tortuga hotel on May 17 from 1-5pm. Please review the information below and follow the link provided to submit your passport or notarial appointment request. Only the following types of consular services will be offered, and by confirmed appointment only.

  • Minor passport renewal (less than 16-years-old) with a previous U.S. passport 
  • First-time adult passport (16-years-old and older) with a previous U.S. passport 
  • Replacement of a lost/stolen U.S. passport 
  • Renewal of a U.S. passport that cannot be mailed in (e.g. changes of data) 
  • Notarial - submission of a non-applying parent consent form (DS-3053)
  • Notarial – U.S. driver's license validation
  • Notarial - U.S. social security administration related
  • Notarial - income statement (for Panamanian residency purposes)

Please submit your request HERE. Only those who receive, and then present appointment confirmations will be served on May 17. More detailed information will be sent next week to those whose appointments are confirmed.  

Lastly, please note that routine adult passport renewal applications can be completed online and by mail. No appointment or visit to the embassy is needed! We will not be able to accommodate routine adult passport applicants in-person on May 17 if they are otherwise able to renew their passports online and by mail. 

We look forward to seeing you!  

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