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Recently I was the contact person for some rental property and received a request to check on a tenant who was not responding to contact attempts.  I discovered the tenant had died in the property and I was very anxious about the proper steps to take since I am not fluent in Spanish.  
I was put in touch with Hank Landis, our new US Embassy warden.  Hank called the police and gave them directions to the property then immediately came to the property to assist me.  Hank stayed on scene with me to deal with the multiple layers of Panamanian authority for almost eight hours until ten at night.  There were fourteen authorities of one sort or the other doing various things - all of which required conversation and answers in Spanish.  Hank handled it all, explained to me what was (slowly) happening at each stage and smoothed the way forward for me.  I don't know what I would have done without his very capable assistance.  This is a good man to have in your corner when you are in need.  THANKS, HANK!
Also, it was a problem because the deceased tenant had no paperwork regarding whom to notify of his death or the required information (and available cash) to pave an easier path to a death certificare.  This can happen to any of us at any time.  If you have not attended a hospice presentation to learn how to prepare for death in Panama, you are doing a great disservice to the family and friends you leave behind.  Food for thought.
Mike Potts
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Be advised that the new US Warden for the Boquete area, Hank Landis, is a registered member of CL. His display name is "US Boquete Warden". You may send him private messages via CL. Soon he will be posting content in a new blog that is being set up for his use here on CL.

We all welcome our new Boquete Warden, and look forward to his community information sharing program here on CL.

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