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Phishing attempt re USTVNow

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The following email, which I received this morning, was verified by USTVNow as a phishing attempt that originated in Lithuania. If you are a USTVNow customer and received the same email, do not click on the link given or provide any USTV log-on information.

Message body

Important update from ustvnow

Dear USTVNow Customer,
USTVNow has been around for quite some time and has offered its services to a very limited degree over the Internet.  This has been a damper on our organizations success for quite some time.  Users have been requesting for change and we have been unable to bring change over the past few years. 
Now is the time that USTVNow is making a huge change.  First of all, USTVNow is shutting down its entire website because we have created a new solution geared in a different direction.
The new organization is called www.USTVOnline.com .  At our new website you will need to re-register with your username and password by clicking on the signup button on the top right of the webpage.  After signing up you will have access to over 200 channels which are all identified on the Channel List tab of ustvonline.  Further to the channels you will be able to access, you will also be able to watch every sports event including NBA, NHL, Junior Hockey Leagues, EPL Soccer, UFC, WWE, and more. 
At USTVOnline.com we will only be accepting registrations for a short period of time.  This is because we want to keep the organization private and we cannot have too many customers on board at the new website.
For those who want to see our quality of streaming, you can go to the Game Replay Vault tab on ustvonline.com and watch replays of NBA and NHL in 100% HD.  Our live streaming is full hd and adaptive bitrate which means it will accommodate your internet speed.
Signup today at ustvonline.com as ustvnow is no longer run by the same team and ustvnow will be shutting down entirely over the next few days.
Best regards,
Eduardo Savara
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