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Weather alert for all provinces as IAN becomes hurricane

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Weather alert for all provinces as IAN  becomes hurricane


Posted 26/09/2022

The National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc), will continue to monitor and monitor strong winds throughout the country, from September 25 to 27, due to the displacement of tropical cyclone IAN, which could intensify into a hurricane in less than 24 hours.

The areas under warning are: All the provinces of the country together with their maritime sectors, but with greater intensity on the Pacific slope.

Wide external cloud bands extend from this tropical cyclone, covering sectors from Colombia, and Panama to Honduras. This phenomenon can generate indirect effects in Panama, but rainy events are still expected, accompanied by winds and possible storms.

Significant rains are expected, in the mountainous regions, which will generate swollen rivers, landslides, strong winds, and floods.

In regions with soils saturated with water, falling trees, flooding, and landslides could occur.

Monitoring of the Caribbean Sea Basin continues.

Currently, the atmospheric system is located far north of Panama, but with maximum winds of 83 km/h with a tendency to increase and will continue to move towards Cuba. The entity warns about situations of caution due to detachment of roofs or falling trees. Sinaproc asks the population to try to stay aw

ay from trees at risk or from sectors prone to landslides. Avoid hiking or camping until normalcy is restored. They also ask citizens to avoid crossing rivers and ravines.


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