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Greetings. I hereby request the internationally-recognized "Right of Petition" of the Administrator of this forum (Hi, Bud!) to update my personal User Rating from "Advanced User" to "Inexpert User".

My contention is that I have conclusively demonstrated every applicable characteristic of the textbook "Inexpert User", and my appellation as such here at Chiriqui.Life should reflect that salient fact.

I further contend the the hundreds upon hundreds of "Expert Users" (Hi, Everybody!) here at Chiriqui.Life would concur that I have met every qualifying requirement to meet and exceed the "Inexpert User" rating criteria.

I therefore humbly beseech the able Administrator to immediately correct this egregious injustice in the name of Truth, Justice, and the American and/or Panamanian Way.

Respectfully submitted,

An Inexpert User

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