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Photography expo in Plaza los Establos


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Good morning, we'd like to invite you all to a photography exposition in Galeria de Arte Mucu in Los Establos, Local No. 13. The event will take place from Abril 1st to May 1st and it will hold photographies taken and developed by Ruben Lachman.

Ruben Lachman is a p artner and President of INTRACORP . Ph.D. in Economics, Grenoble Academy in France. Over 35 years of experience as specialist in macroecronomic, sectoral and regional analysis, market research, feasibility and profitability, business plans and developing strategic competitive advantages of regions and companies. Specialist in measuring economic impacts and strategic plans.
Dr. Lachman has advised the private sector in the negotiations of the Panamanian comercial debt in New York and in the process of accession of Panama to the World Trade Organization in Geneva. He has been a consultant to national and international companies as well asd international organizations such as the World Bank, Inter-American Develpoment Bank, United Nations, Japanese and Canadian International Cooperation Agencies, the Nature Conservacy, among other.
For any kind of query, you can call 720-3875 - Intracorp
Hope you can go and take interest in this art exposition.
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