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carrying mail to the US

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from time to time, News.Boquete posts requests for people to carry mail back to the US.  I wrote them to ask if there is someone carrying this week, and I got a generic email saying:

"News.Boquete acknowledges receipt of your email. If submitting an email about an event (something with a specific date or dates), then you first must also post your event on the calendar of the Chiriqui.Life website  For assistance see How To Post An Event."

I need to send something to the states this week, and I still don't know whether there is anyone going there this week.  I live about 35 minutes from the Tuesday Market, and I've been advised by my doctor to not drive at all for a time.  So I"d like to know the status of someone carrying mail this week , and how I can confirm in future weeks that someone is carrying should a need arise.

I'd hate to send someone to the Tuesday Market with mail, if there is no one carrying this week.  Please advise whether someone is carrying this week, where to bring the mail, and where to look in the future to confirm that there is someone carrying.

Thank You,

Sassy Blake

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BCP has someone collecting mail from the Tuesday Market almost every week. This is a volunteer service, so everyone does the best they can.

If you have something with a deadline, or something of value though you should either send it with someone you know or take it to one of the courier services. If there is no hurry, there is the Post Office.

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