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FSM Organic Produce at the Tuesday Market

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Good morning from Finca Santa Marta


Kim and I are getting ready to head back to Virginia for a few weeks on April 1st to spend some time with our grandchildren so Tuesday will be our last Tuesday Market for a while.  Our dedicated crew will continue to setup and sell at the market every Tuesday just like they have since the beginning.


If you are interested in any of the imported products we have available, Tuesday will be a good chance to pick some of them up as our crew will only have a limited amount of them at the market while we are away.


Of course you can pre-order both your fresh veggies, free range chickens and eggs and the imported products from our web site http://fincasantamarta.biz/ by Sunday midnight for delivery to the Tuesday Market in Boquete, or Dolega and David on Tuesday afternoons.  We ship to other parts of Panama on Thursdays.  Contact me at fincasantamarta@me.com for more information on deliveries or shipments.  Until March 31st I can be reached on my cell phone at 6459-5218 or our office phone at 777-9229.  You will probably need to leave a message on the office phone as we are generally out planting, watering and/or harvesting fresh organic produce for you.


This week we still have a good supply of red okra and we also have a good supply of free range chickens and eggs.  Stop by the table early at the market and see what else we have to offer including fresh turmeric, ginger and Georgia Jet sweet potatoes.  And don't forget the kale and collards.


Thanks for your continued support.

Rona and Kim Miller and the FSM crew

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