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Great promotion for two at Restaurante Casa vieja in Boquete


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Restaurante Casa Vieja - Boquete: Delicious Cuisine to Enjoy with Your Loved One or friend! $25 for a Special Menu for 2 People, with Your Choice of: Mixed Parrillada and 2 Buckets of Coors Light or 2 Stuffed Trouts and 1 Bottle of Wine or 2 Penne Pasta Primavera + 1 Bottle of Wine + and 2 Desserts 

This Gustazo includes a complete menu for 2 people, choose between these 3 options:
  • Option 1:
    • 1 Parrillada (beef fillet, chicken, chorizo, Patacones, potatoes and tostones)
    • 2 Buckets of Coors light (6 beers per bucket)
  • Option 2:
    • 2 Trouts stuffed with vegetables and goat cheese or with garlic sauce, served with green salad and baked potatoes, french fries, house fries or rice
    • 1 Los Haroldos white or red bottle of wine
  • Option 3:
    • 2 Chicken Penne Pasta Primavera
    • 1 Los Haroldos white or red bottle of wine
    • 2 Desserts
  • Promotional value expires on June 30, 2016.
  • You may buy as many Gustazos as you want.
  • This Gustazo is valid for 2 people.
  • Redeem up to 6 Gustazos per table of 12 people.
  • Remember to tip based on the pre-discount bill.
  • Doesn’t include taxes.
  • You must be over 18 years of age to consume alcohol.
  • No cash-back.
  • No carryout / delivery.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Redemption schedule:
    • Wednesday through Monday from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
    • Closed on Tuesdays 
Shirley Alonso de Braasch
Sales Director | Partner - Gustazos Panama
Shirley.Alonso@gustazos.com | www.Gustazos.com | 
Oficina: Obarrio, Calle San Lucas, P.H Torre Cosmos Oficinas, piso 4, Oficina 403 | Panama
Phone: (507) 6613-2089
Skype: ShirleyAlonso-Gustazos.com
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Marcelyn and I ate at La Casa Vieja last weekend. It was our first time there. We actually did not know it was a restaurant until chatting with friends. It is a very old building. That didn't surprise us, given the name of the restaurant. There were many B&W photos of Boquete from the 1920s, 1930s, etc., and forward. I really like seeing those historical images. The menu was extensive, but with a lot of fish dishes, which we typically don't select. But we did find adequate alternatives. Marcelyn had a pasta dish and I had their hamburger.

The service was good, the food was well prepared and prompt, and with prices reasonable. Actually there was too much food, and so we both had a take away, which was handled expeditiously.

We were the only ones there. Don't know how they can survive with such low patronage. Signage could be improved, and maybe that would help with the patronage. There is lots of parking, but knowing how to get in was a bit of a puzzle -- access is via the side street, not the frontage road.

We plan to go back.

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Well, here we go again to Restaurante La Casa Vieja last night. Some very close friends called us earlier in the week and suggested a gathering at this new restaurant, based on my comments in a conversation held Wednesday morning. Great idea, and we made a reservation for a party of six at 6:30PM for Friday evening, last night (being Good Friday). We were told that alcohol would not be available due to the holiday, which we all agreed would not be an issue for us.

We gathered at our friends home for socializing and appetizers prior to going to the restaurant. Our group grew from six to ten persons. A few minutes before our reservation, we jumped into three vehicles and headed out for the restaurant. We had forgotten about the ceremonies and blockage of Avenida Principal in downtown Boquete, and so we were delayed quite a bit and eventually got over to the side streets for our journey. Arrived at the restaurant about 7:00PM. As was our experience during our first visit last weekend, there were no other patrons. I approached one of the waitresses and mentioned that we had a reservation for six people at 6:30PM, but that we were delayed because of the traffic blockages. She understood, and was ready for our group. I then dropped the surprise of having ten in our party rather than the six as reserved. Not a problem. Some tables were shuffled around and we were ready to sit down and order food and drinks in short order.

The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Our group was mixed Panamanian and expats, and so the language issue did not come up. We ordered our food and drinks. Then I looked up to see more people coming into the restaurant. That was good news. Pretty soon the entire restaurant was full, and some people were standing near the parking side entrance for tables to become available. That bodes well for the restaurant as the word gets out about good food and service. BTW, the restaurant provided complementary appetizers, which we all agreed were tasty and much appreciated.

Then another surprise occurrence. I looked up at the side entrance again, only to see Michelle and David Brewer coming through the door. I immediately got up to greet them, not knowing what was about to unfold to me. I had not seen Michelle or David in a long time, and so it was good to see that they are doing well. They came over to our table (actually four tables assembled together into a group) and greeted the others. As Michelle turned to go to their table, I just happened to mention that this was our second visit to the restaurant and that we really were enjoying it. Michelle then told me that she and her friend Eduardo are the owners. We were all caught by surprise. We have known Michelle for many years, and we knew that she was busy with her wood furnishings business (used to be at the corner of the Volcancito Road across from CEFATI). Michelle told us that she also now has a construction company, and I believe she said that they have built seven homes. And now the restaurant. Obviously, Michelle is not one to let the dust collect under her shoes.

It was another wonderful evening. Even though the restaurant was full, with more people waiting at the door, the food and the service were very good. Most of our group had one of the seafood items, and one had a hamburger, and Marcelyn and I had a pasta with chicken dish.

Toward the end of our time there, Michelle came over to display a bottle of Boquete wine. We all were unaware of any winery in Boquete, but it was not a misspoken sentence. There actually is a winery somewhere here in the Boquete area. The bottle could not be sold, but she did open up a promotional bottle and provided samples for our group. The general consensus was that it was fruity and bit on the sweet side.

I took a couple of pictures. Here is one of Michelle and Eduardo, and then also one of a painting on the wall. Michelle told me that was an oil painting done of her when she was nine years old. The artist apparently tried to make her look older than she really was.

Bottom line here is that the restaurant is owned and operated by Panamanians. Advertising has been withheld to minimal while, as Michelle said, they "work out the kinks of the start up business and go slowly to be sure that it is a quality experience for the customers". Michelle and Eduardo, you are off to a good start. Thanks for a great evening.


2016-03-25 20.14.25 cropped corrected.jpg

2016-03-25 20.17.33 cropped perspective corrected.jpg

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I was told that Michelle was one of the principals in this business. Being a good businesswoman she will run it well. As I said before, they will soon need to start advertising to the gringo population. The special coupon sent out by Gustazos is a good start but there's lot of folks who didn't want that much wine or beer included in their dinner coupon.

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The restaurant is the blue house across from the Stone Cabins.

I think they're making a mistake being closed on Tuesdays. That's the day that many people come to town to attend the Tuesday morning market/meeting and stay around town for lunch. I am part of a regular Tuesday lunch group of eight to ten people, and we're grieved that we can't go there.

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