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Located in David, Chiriquí, Nacional Box is the only private alternative of safe deposit boxes outside the capital city.   Unlike banks which are regulated by the government, Nacional Box offers its customers the ability to rent a safe deposit box with complete anonymity.

NacionalBox Safe Deposit Boxes are discreet and provide you with a level of privacy no longer available in banks or regulated financial institutions. Banks are legally required to divulge client information to the authorities. This includes IRS taxes, lawsuits, or even a spouse who is suing for divorce.

The safety Boxes are conveniently located in our security vault, and stand ready to store and secure your valuables. Contact us at info@nacionalbox.com Come Now!


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"Complete anonymity" ?  Does that mean that you no longer require Passport or Cedula numbers? ''Complete anonymity" to me means that your customers are identified ONLY by a unique personal code that does not reveal their identity in any way.



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In this specific case means that Nacional Box will not give information of any of our clients to any person or entity.   This is a service that you will find nowhere else here in David, we just offer a service for those who think it is helpful and need a place to keep important things in a place safer than home.

We are glad to give any other information to anyone who whants it.  People can always ask for more specific information to info@nacionalbox.com or calling at 730-1269.  GUIA-VISUAL---escapes-nacional-box.thumb 

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