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Hi Everyone,

What a fun and wild few weeks it's been. Opening night at the restaurant was quite a challenge... I had 2nd degree burns that caused me to work one-handed, a new adventure for me, but after a few days I was all healed up. Carolina, the owner of Colibri, told me to put mustard on the burns, I really thought she was nuts!!!! However, at that point I was willing to try anything. Have you ever had that feeling of a burn that goes cold and numb and you're thinking to yourself: "why is my burn so cold?", well, I was experiencing that! Anyway, back to the mustard. I looked at my options, the yellow mustard or the grey poupon? Decisions, decisions...  I reached for the grey poupon, popped the top open, and slathered it all over my burn, and then wrapped it with plastic wrap. What an awesome thing this was, Carolina is not nuts and this is one of the most amazing things I have learned and experienced in 18 years of being a Chef. Knowing more about this wild type of home remedies is at the top of my list for the future, hopefully both y'all and myself won't be needing this useful trick though!

We've been working on some really cool new dishes for easter week, we will have smoked jalapeño and cilantro chicken sausage, lamb sausage, green banana risotto with chicharrón, porchetta and lamb street tacos to name only a few!  

This week we've also been experimenting with special dishes such as our brown butter and goat cheese cake with blackberries, a rich and creamy peanut bisque and our fish tacos with a super spicy sauce. We're doing daily specials for both lunch and dinner with fresh and local products we find! Also, the Chocolate Ball Surprise is in the works, this will be the most talked about dessert in town, come in and check it out, we can't wait to show it to you!!

And of Course Easter Sunday will be quite different from the buffet style services I have done in past years for holiday dining. We will offer a prefix menu of aged lamb with roasted potatoes or porchetta with sweet potato pureé. The menu includes a green salad or tomato soup and one of our blondies with fresh cream and toffee or lemon custard filled meringues as well as a glass of house wine. We will also have our signature menu items available if you prefer!


Colibri is a very cool concept: farm fresh, local and natural quality food prepared by a kitchen team that consists of several talented chefs, working as a team to create some very creative food. It's cool to see how when you're in an environment where creativity is encouraged it shows in attitude, product and passion.

If you are a local farmer and have products you are selling we would love to get together with you for a cup of coffee and see how we can work together in the future, or if you have a food idea you would like to share we would love to hear it, and possibly feature it!

A few items we prepared this week are below.


Chef Chris


Pulled pork Caribbean style
Tomatoes roasted on the vine with goat cheese, ciabatta bread and orange and onion jam!!
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