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Bulk Organics Buying Club

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BULK ORGANICS BUYING CLUB members, cooperatively consolidate our buying power to meet our needs for organic goods while minimizing costs and our carbon footprint.  We attempt to provide dry goods that are not generally available in Panama as organics:  flours, grains, seeds, nuts, oils, spices, beans, dried fruits, rices, sweeteners, animal feed, cleaning products, and more.  

Our Distribution Center is in the lower part of Alto Boquete.  Our orders are received there, and stored until members are able to pick up the shares they can use.  The part of a package that was ordered without being entirely sold, is put on our storage racks and made available to the other members until it's time to reorder.   We're accumulating an impressive list of items that are already here, making our Buying Club a more effective resource with every order received. Members provide the containers for their foods to be weighed into.  Goods are mostly priced by the pound.

Visit our Distribution Center, get your membership, and make your first purchases all in one trip.  Becoming a Bulk Organics Buying Club member ($10 lifetime membership) is an easy way to support the efforts of your neighbors, participate in a community activity, and do one of the best possible things for yourself:)  Any changes to your diet, in hopes of improving health, will be far more effective if they do not contain agricultural toxins!

DISTRIBUTION CENTER hours:  Monday and Thursday 12-6, Tuesday 11-5 and Friday 10-5.

DIRECTIONS:  in the lower part of Alto Boquete, we're on the David-Boquete hiway, past the new Texaco on your right if you're moving towards David.  within what would be about the next 2 blocks, our entrance is immediately on the downhill side of Chopsticks Restaurant/Higgins Waffle House.  TURN IN JUST AFTER THE GIANT COCONUT!  the house is white w/red roof, sits back from the road a bit, and is numbered 1600.

for more information or an inventory list, please email


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