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The stench of corruption smelling like roses

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The stench of corruption smelling like roses


Posted 25/10/2021

Our society does not seem to have rest, much less peace. Every day there is a scandal. The average citizen must spend every day examining what is behind each law; of each contract; of each discourse, as there is always a double agenda, in which we must discover the true purpose of everything or, otherwise, we are left without a country because we are governed by a party of hypocrites who only live for deception and theft. This is perceived by everyone, even those with an underdeveloped sense of smell ... except the President of the Republic, who, being so closely surrounded by the pestilence, it is inexplicable that everything smells of roses, unless he lacks smell or does not breathe or bear the stench very well. The stench of corruption is so unbearable that many young people - who represent the future of the land that the president says he loves so much - begin to emigrate to other countries. This is a new phenomenon, and one that must be analyzed by the rulers because without them, there is no future. And politicians know very well that pillage and robbery do not generate wealth, and since they are useless satraps, the country will gradually sink, while the president, inevitably, is impregnated with the same smell that he is unable to perceive.- LA PRENSA, Nov. 25



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