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Visa Married to Panamanian and Registry of Birth abroad in Panama

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Another satisfied client with the service provided
This couple, a Panamanian lady married to a USA citizen, had five years trying to register their children's births abroad in our country.
They contacted my office and we have it done in 40 days.
We also assist them in getting Permanent Residency under the category of Married to Panamanian which regularly takes 6 months, but we got it in 3 months at SNM.
Need help, please contact me at (507) 6738-6253 or 250-3463 or by email: julisajaramillo.abogada@gmail.com


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I met this beautiful family when I was in Panama City.  I'm so happy for them to finally be recognized as a Panamanian family!   I, too, am a client of Ms. Jaramillo.  She is a very accomplished and capable attorney.  She coached and counseled me to accumulate all the paperwork necessary for my Pensionado Visa.  When I achieved that goal, I met her in Panama City and three days later I came home with a Temporary Visa, a Panamanian Driver's License and a Multi Entrance & Exit visa.  If you are planning ahead for a Visa, you owe it to yourself to consult with Ms. Julisa Jaramillo.

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