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Tocumen Airport on path to recovery


Posted 15/09/2021

Tocumen International Airport moved over 4.9 million passengers between January and August 2021, reports the administration

During the month of August of this year, there was a movement of 929,624 passengers, which represented 26,218 more travelers compared to July 2021.

"Until August 2021, the Tocumen International Airport recovered 51% of the air traffic it handled before the Covid-19 pandemic, compared to the results achieved in the same period of 2019," the statement detailed.

It is highlighted that the statistics indicate that the trend towards the recovery of operations and passenger traffic continues with sustained growth in the last six months after the relaxation of sanitary and migratory requirements in different countries of the American continent and Europe that connect in Panama.

“The August results reflect an increase in passenger confidence. Likewise, airlines are making an optimistic bet by resuming flights to their customary destinations, at the rate of an increase in vaccination processes against Covid-19 ”, highlighted Raffoul Arab, general manager of the Airport.

The airport administration also reported that the tourist destinations that experienced the highest demand in August are headed by: Cancun (Mexico), Miami / New York (United States), Bogotá / Medellín (Colombia), Lima (Peru), Guayaquil / Quito ( Ecuador), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and San José (Costa Rica).

It was also announced that Copa Airlines announced the restart of operations to Trinidad and Tobago and San Francisco (United States) during the months of September and October, respectively. In addition to new commercial flights to the Colombian city of Cúcuta on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from December 6, 2021.



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Tocumen Airport  gears up for holiday rush


Posted 25/10/2021

The administration of the Tocumen International Airport is planning to handle up to 3,900 additional daily passengers both entering and leaving the country for the national holidays from October 28 to November 11.

According to preliminary reports from the airlines,  “26,000 travelers will leave the terminal and a total of 20,000 thousand visitors will enter Panama, "said a statement from Tocumen, SA.

October 31 and November 1 and 2 will be the days with the highest movement of passengers leaving Panama, while the return to the country is scheduled between November 7 and 10.

Claudio Dutary, operations manager of the  Airport, said that among the main destinations for Panamanians to travel during the holiday are Orlando and Miami, in the United States; Bogotá and Medellín, in Colombia; Cancun in Mexico, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. While at the local level the province of Chiriquí is among the favorites.

"Each traveler must complete the digital health affidavit that appears on the website https://www.panamadigital.gob.pa/RegistroPacoViajero, in which they will obtain the QR code that the traveler will have. to present at the health control points established at the Tocumen Airport (on paper or mobile).

This tool will allow the traveler to streamline the procedures during their entry into the country, going directly to Migration, Dutary said.

Airlines urge travelers to arrive three hours in advance, to carry out check-in procedures.

It is also recommended that before buying the ticket, the traveler must verify if in the country of destination they request proof of Covid-19 certification, valid vaccination or some other restriction.



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Panama air operations at 85% pre-pandemic


Posted 01/12/2021

Air operations to and from Panama recovered and are at 85% of pre-pandemic levels according to the air connectivity report of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which measures the market month by month after the restart of flights due to the pandemic.

"The 85% recovery of international air connectivity compared to November 2019 is due to the joint work between the government of Panama and the air transport industry," said David Hernández, IATA representative for Central America, Cuba, Ecuador to Martes Financiero. and Venezuela.

The international air connectivity indicator measured by IATA takes into account the number of seats available and the size of the aircraft serving the different routes. By November 2020, connectivity was 66% below January 2020 levels. Panama officially restarted commercial flights on October 12, 2020.

With 85% of Panama's air connectivity capacity, the country ranks third in November in countries with the highest international flight connections in the region. Mexico ranks first with more than 100% recovery of all international air routes that operate to and from the different airports, as well as domestic destinations. The country never closed air operations, and even now increased them. And in second place is Colombia, which registers 90% connectivity compared to the pre-pandemic months.

By region, Panama has recovered 88% of connectivity and intraregional flights, that is, with Latin America and the Caribbean compared to November 2019; In the case of destinations to North America, which includes Canada and the United States, the recovery of air operations is 85% in November 2021 and with Europe the connectivity levels of air routes to and from Panama are 76%. compared to November 2019 as detailed in the IATA report.


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Tocumen International  plans for the Christmas flow


Posted 17/12/2021

The Tocumen International Airport reported announced Friday, December 17, that it will limit the entry of people to the terminal for this month as a measure to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infections.

 Due to the increase in passengers at Christmas time, it will only allow the entry of travelers to Terminal 1 without companions.

In addition, it suspends, for now, the reception of passengers in the internal part.

Since the resumption of operations, Tocumen has received 7,782,821 passengers.

According to the report of the Ministry of Health, to date 1,879  covid-positive passengers have been detected.


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