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ACCB is making another trip to the Comarca September 24th

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ACCB is going back up to the Comarca to deliver food, clothing, blankets, baby clothes, dog food and school supplies on Friday September 24th.  We will be accepting last minute donations at Boquete Country Club entrance on Wednesday, September 22nd from 10-noon.  There will be someone there to take your donations unless you prefer to bring to the Boquete Country Club clubhouse yourself.

We deliver  these items to 750 children.  Please help us by donating.  Contact Linda at 6716-1151 or email  lhart249@hotmail.com.

1746842194_EasterBag7.thumb.jpg.6625eaa0e32529ab46e283744617f69d.jpg            resize-1617586869697761056Easterkids2.jpg.c450b6e73fe0542798f3b1e936220485.jpg                     resize-1617586869697761056Easterkids2.jpg.c450b6e73fe0542798f3b1e936220485.jpg             744704491_Easterbags8.thumb.jpg.f6286d3feee9000675d229ed4cd0c842.jpg  

Easter kids 1.jpg

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