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News.Boquete, help Amigos de Animales feed the local dogs and cats


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Please help us feed the local dogs and cats

Hi News.Boquete,


Amigos de Animales still needs your help!  Our campaign to raise $15,000 to feed dogs and cats in Boquete continues.  To date, we have raised $8,040 towards our goal of $15,000.  


We deliver 16 bags of both dog and cat food (about 1,300 pounds) each month to those families that are still struggling financially due to the pandemic.  Our only requirement is that the animals either are, or will be sterilized in our clinics. 



We are helping to feed animals like these, and then we will work to get them sterilized.


Please help us care for animals in Boquete by donating what you can. A donation of $40 will provide food for 4-5 cats and 4-5 dogs each month.


Our primary focus continues to be our spay and neuter clinic.  We expect to pass the milestone of 20,000 dogs and cats spayed or neutered at our September clinic. But, given these challenging financial times, we want to ensure the domestic animals of Boquete have enough food to eat too.


Thank you!  

Alicia McGuigan, President

Amigos de Animales Boquete 

Help us to help them! 







A big thank you goes out to those people who have supported us so far!!


Amigos De Animales, Inc.


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