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Business leaders ask Assembly to “put country first”


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Business leaders ask Assembly to “put country first”


Posted 12/09/2021

The National Assembly has the duty and the power to debate the laws it issues, with citizen participation and stakeholders, "always putting the best interests of the country first." Meanwhile, it is up to the deputies to "lay down their political-partisan interests and legislate in favor of the common good” said Panama’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (Cciap)  on Sunday.

The Chamber that called for reflection on the course of the discussion, in the first debate, of bill 544 that reforms the Electoral Code, for the 2024 general elections.

After the citizen, business, and political rejection generated by the changes made by the Government Commission to the bill, the National Assembly decided to suspend the debate and sit down to talk with the magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal (TE).

This, after President Cortizo, came forward as a mediator of the differences that arose between the National Assembly and the  Electoral Tribunal (TE), and summoned them to a meeting, to be held Tuesday, September 14.

The Cciap calls for that meeting to "lead to a return to participatory debate that allows a thorough review of such an important document, which will apply to the participation of just over 4,000 candidates to more of 800 positions of popular election in the year 2024 ″.

The union also pointed out that all citizens have the duty to get involved, inform themselves and monitor what is happening in the country, be part of the debate and participate in order to strengthen the democratic system and "guide Panama towards a better future."



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