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Wireless Internet - not cable

As most old MobileNet customers know, back in December Cable Onda purchased MobileNet.   Service continued at the same rate.    I was paying $102 for 1.5 megs.    I have come to learn that Cable Onda is offering the wireless service much cheaper but they did not adjust the rates for the old MobileNet customers.  

You need to go down to David to the Cable Onda office and request a change of service.   Cable Onda is offering 4 megs wireless for $46 and even faster speeds available for slightly more.   This is a HUGE drop in price and a HUGE increase in speed - but you need to go in and have them write a new contract.   They will change out the old MobileNet equipment.   In addition they offer satellite TV with a basic price of $23/month and 180 channels.

It will be interesting to see if Planet Telecom adjusts their prices to become competitive.   The Planet Telecom price for 4 megs is a whopping $250/month.   That is more than $200 more a month for the same service as Cable Onda Wireless.

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Thanks for the info on that.  I went down there today and signed up for 4 Meg's, cost $47/month mas o memos.  One word of caution, there is no English spoken there, so put your best Spanish game face on!  6 Meg's is $82, it goes up to 9 Meg's for $133 or so.

Total cost for the new contract was $142, that includes the first month, install and I believe, equipment., 

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Twin Wolf is correct about Alex at CableOnda. Marcelyn and I took great interest in Twin Wolf's posting that started this thread. We had to go to David for reasons other than Internet service today, and so went to CableOnda's office. We were a bit concerned about the new office location, but learned from a friend that their office has returned to the old facility, but after some major remodeling.

We were taken care of by Alex. His English and my Spanglish did pretty well together. We opted to go with the 2MB service; I currently have 1MB service. The dramatic cost reduction will end up saving us about $500.00 per year. It took a bit more than 1.5 hours to get through all of our paperwork, but it was worth the time spent. From the way Alex handled things and answered all of our questions we are confident that this transition will be uneventful (at least we hope it will be uneventful).

My only complaint about our time in David today was the heat - a bit over 40C when we left the CableOnda office, which was before noon. Can't imagine what the temperature was during mid-afternoon.

The bottom line here is that we will end up with double our Internet speed at 1/3 the cost of what we were paying previously.

Thanks to Twin Wolf for posting this topic.

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Because of our commitment to CL and other business requirements we have redundant Internet services. We use a high end gateway router that switches between the two service providers. Those providers are CableOnda and the former "MobilNet" service. MobilNet was bought out by CableOnda in late 2015. There are two different technologies used in these two services, specifically broadband cable technology and microwave RF technology.

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That's what I thought. Just making sure that no one was confused into thinking this is a CableOnda (cable service) change--only a MobilNet change as a result of CableOnda having bought it.

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