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New menu items are now available


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Hello Everyone,

We hope you are having a fine day.  This week the Guys & A Cooler team have been busy working on developing some fun and exciting new menu items for you to explo0re and enjoy.  We have some really fun ideas that we are working with and hope to release them after our testing period.  On the menu right now, we have a very special Bang Bang Shrimp pasta, Vegetarian Italian Lasagna, Vegan Tibetan Lentil Soup, Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken with country gravy and mashed potatoes, Polish Sausage cabbage, and potato soup (kapusniak), Mexican Mole, and lots more.


We are looking to have Chicken Pot Pies back on the menu soon, as well as our feta and spinach quiche, chicken fried steak, chicken parmesan, Sweet sticky spicy chicken, more panini’s, Salisbury steak, Mongolian beef, and so much more.


If you are not familiar with our service, we are a family run freezer meal business that’s been serving the Boquete and Chiriqui area for the last 10 years.  All of our meals are carefully prepared and packaged so that all you have to do is heat and eat.  Our menu changes on a weekly basis so if you are not currently on our email list, we invite you to click here:  Click here to get on my mailing list!!

Each week we send out a newsletter with updates and notices for special events. 


Check out our menu by clicking this link below and if you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a phone call or email. 


To place an order simply complete the online ordering process and make sure you submit the order when complete (This is the step most commonly missed).  You will get an order number immediately after completing your order.  I make all deliveries on Monday between 9am and 5pm and if you are picking up at our location, please come by Monday between 11am and 2pm as well

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon
Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, Aidan

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