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Killings rise in tandem  with increased security budget

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Killings rise in tandem  with increased security budget


Posted 16/08/2021

As the public security budget continues to increase, homicides in the country are also on the rise reports La Prensa.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance recommended to the Ministry of Public Security $835.6 million for 2022- $ 81.9 million more than in 2020, and $5.4 million above 2021.

Statistics from the Public Ministry indicate that 318 homicides had been committed up to last July, three more than those perpetrated in July 2020 (315).

81% of the crimes recorded this year were committed with firearms.

The Security Ministry (Minseg) will, use 96% of the funds for operational issues.

$691 million will be earmarked for national security - The National Police, the National Aeronaval Service, the National Border Service, the National Migration Service, and the National 911 Emergency System.

The draft general budget of the State, presented to the National Assembly, does not detail how much will correspond to each of these entities says La Prensa. but data from their payroll gives clues as to how that money is distributed.

In the PN,  there are 87 commissioners, with monthly salaries above $ 4,300, and 158 sub-commissioners with salaries of $3,100 and up.

There are 233  majors with salaries that start at $ 2,200. there are 650 captains, whose salaries start at $1,710. With the rank of lieutenants and sub-lieutenant, there are 5,096 uniformed. A lieutenant has a base salary of $ 1,400, and the second lieutenant's is $ 1,275.

They are followed by 3,197 first and second sergeants, who earn $1,165 and $1,190 respectively. Then there are the 6,755 first and second officers who earn $1,120 dollars With the guard position there are 2,100 uniformed men who earn $900, while 131 have the position of police cadet with a salary of $590.

But on the PN payroll, there is a long list of professionals who have a role in the institution: doctors, psychologists, cooks, nurses, social workers, office workers, engineers, lawyers, among others.

During the two years of Cortizo's government, there have been two security ministers, Rolando Mirones, who left the post in February 2020, and the current Juan Pino. Three directors have passed through the National Police: Jorge Miranda, Gabriel Medina, and the current John Dornheim.



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