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Court rules in favor of Balbina Herrera in slander case


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Court rules in favor of Balbina Herrera in slander case


Posted 12/08/2021

The Court of Appeals confirmed the conviction against the doctor Armando Mocci, sentenced on April 16 for the crimes of slander and insult to the detriment of the leader of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) Balbina Herrera .

Justices Gustavo De Gracia, Giovannina Antinori and Gladys Moreno Peralta are the ones who made up the Court of Appeals that heard the appeal presented by Mocci.

On October 18, 2018, Mocci published the following on her Twitter account: “I would have been calmer if in 1989, instead of forgiving her, they had condemned her as a battalion and murderer. She should be ashamed to open her mouth publicly, but a rod assassin has no shame"

The court rejected the appeal for annulment presented by Mocci's defense and also confirmed the sentence of April 30, 2021, which sentenced the doctor to the main penalty of $ 10,000 in favor of the National Treasury.

The accessory penalty of disqualification from exercising public functions for a term of 12 months was also ratified, once the main penalty has been completed, as the author of the crimes of slander and libel.

Herrera declared that "with this ruling a precedent is set and a message of responsibility is sent to network users."

He added that networks cannot be used to undermine people's honor.

Herrera demanded at the time that Mocci prove that she had been convicted of murder. He also denounced him for gender violence, but the court considered that Herrera did not prove the commission of this crime. 



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