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Private, Somatic Exercise Classes to Restore Natural Movement and Fluidity


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somatic movement, is one which is performed consciously with the intention of focusing on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance or result of the movement.
Somatic Movement Flow Classes- Integrate Exercises from Pilates, Clinical Somatics & other Somatic Movement Modalities to not only strengthen and stretch, but to align, integrate & coordinate the total body through slow, small, gentle, fluid and thoughtful therapeutic movements.
Classes are designed for students who are committed to working on bringing awareness to and soothing problem areas through what Clinical Somatics refers to as "Pandiculation"-  an effective way to reduce pain, restore whole body symmetry and good posture. 
Class objectives are to experience fluidity of movement though the total body, reduce pain, feel great and have fun!
About the Instructor- Suzanne Clare has been a devotee & instructor of exercise for over 30 years. She is a Certified Mat & Ball Pilates Instructor, a Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist, former Personal Trainer and  a Fl. State Licensed Massage Therapist.
A year ago mid- August, Suzanne, slipped in a puddle on a patch of slime, cracked her kneecap and needed surgery. Fortunately, she has  restored her movement abilities extremely well. Ms. Clare feels she owes her success to the addition of Clinical Somatics & Somatic Movement Exercises into her exercise regime. 
Now, she would like to share her latest passion with other exercises from her diverse background with students who want to reduce pain, restore whole body movement and relearn natural ease of motion.Through a whole body range of Somatic Movement Exercises, Suzanne not only restored her knee but undid the back & hip inflammation she had experienced prior to her accident. "More centered, I feel as though I'm walking better, and am less vulnerable to slipping...a great and necessary skill to have in Boquete."
Student Comment-
           "I’ve been actively exercising in one form or another since relocating to Boquete from the US.

Building upon my experiences at the US Naval Academy, I’ve done cross country running, swimming, Pilates, Zumba, several types of yoga, mountain hiking (still do this) and now Somatics.

Each has its place and function, however the only one that puts it all together for the whole body in a gentle non-injurious way is Somatics. 

In the short time I’ve done Somatics my hiking stamina & speed has increased. I highly recommend Somatics from Suzanne Clare for those who want a life of enhanced, pain-free quality with a feeling of health & control. I feel Somatics is the ultimate – but not the only – activity one must embrace for a healthy life; an aerobic activity such as dancing, running, biking or hiking is recommended as an adjunct to Somatics.

Somatics is a viable solution for anyone with problems with specific body parts such as neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, etc. I particularly like the freedom to vary and alter the exercises to suit the individual and keep it interesting. - Roger  Imerman, Leader- Hike Boquete

Private Classes are at a central location in Bajo Boquete. Mat exercises are done on a futon with 2 extra thick, extra wide exercise mats on a platform at a convenient height. Classes may also utilize wall stretches, standing and stretchy band exercises & possibly chair movements. 
The first class is $20, followed by one class a week [or less often] for $20, and 2 or 3 classes per week are $15 each; to be paid once weekly. 
Private Classes focus on specific problem areas of the student in addition to giving him or her an experience of how the whole body is intercon-nected.  Audio and/or written instructions are emailed to help one recollect the exercises given so to practice movements in-between sessions.
To inquire or for registration, please email Suzanne at suzeclare@gmail.com
Looking forward to Flowing with You Soon!
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