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Demolition of an old, historic structure in the city of Colón

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OPINION: Justice lags as vandals act

Posted 29/07/2021

The recent demolition of an old and historic structure in the city of Colón once again brings to the table the arbitrariness with which certain officials act, in this case, the mayor of the city of Colón, Alex Lee, and the deputy from Colón Jairo Salazar, as well as the shameful inactivity of the Ministry of Culture, which had not even learned that these two did not hesitate for a moment to assume their functions.

The action perpetrated by these subjects is not only an act of supine ignorance, but it deserves to be the subject of a criminal investigation, in order to make them pay for what they did. And we hope that, in the remote possibility that a criminal process is opened, the Supreme Court of Justice will not take refuge in the usual ridiculousness: that there is no summary evidence, Unless they want the rubble of the demolished structure carried to their offices. What these two authorities in Colón have done is openly a provocation to our judicial system, since they not only acknowledge having done it, but they have promised that they will continue to tear down structures in Colón, one every week. It is clear that we live in the country - not the strongest - but the ignorant with the most power. – LA PRENSA, Jul.29.



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