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The Biblioteca de Boquete will hold a sale of plants and books:

Saturday April 16, 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

The plant sale will be at the library plaza. 9:30 to 4 pm.
Plant sale will offer:
-- flowering shrubs to attract birds and butterflies;
-- native trees for ornament, birds, and reforestation. 
-- bromeliads and orchids, heliconias, and other exotic types.
-- seeds for decorative vines, legumes for cover crops/soil protection.
-- dried cow manure for composting
-- as much advice as you can bear.

Note: because the trees are hard to transport in numbers, please consider ordering ahead from the following list (psterlin@gmail.com): 

decorative: roble (pink flowering now), machano (yellow flowering Dec-Jan), poró (organ flowering (Dec-March), african tulip (red flowering continuous); nance (orange spires March-June), orchid tree (white and violet), Lonchocarpus (purple flowering Feb-March).
for birds: aguacatillo (sigua); mata hombro (dogwood), guarumo (cecropia), guabo (inga)
reforestation:oak, cedro, mata hombro, espavé, algorrobo, inga, corotú (guanacaste),
wind-break: copalchi, eucalyptus, cyprus (cipre)
live fence-post: jobo, macano
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