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new Bulk Organics Buying Club


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Bulk Organics Buying Club 
to help make organic foods at affordable prices, more available to us
We consolidate the list of foods needed and desired by our community, buy in the largest possible quantity, order wholesale, and transport here by ocean freight, minimizing our expenses and carbon footprint.  At our distribution center, your goods are weighed directly into your containers, saving again, on packaging.  We offer dry goods, not fresh fruits or vegetables.  If you're hungry for molasses or buckwheat, in need of the selenium of Brazil nuts, if your old joints could use some bone broth or beef gelatin, if your vegan cheese requires guar gum, if you'd like to taste the difference between a Conadria and a Black Mission fig, if you're wishing for reasonably priced salt, if you miss miso, or you'd like to try your hand at caraway rye bread, there's something here for you.
Many of our practices would not be possible or profitable for a retail store; providing this service for ourselves has to be a private effort.  Membership is a one-time $10 fee, good for a lifetime.  The club is non-profit and has no other membership fees.  
Memberships are available, foods are available, and you're invited to join us.  Bring your containers, help us craft our inventory list of the future, demonstrate to local farmers the market available for organics now, and provide yourself with the kind of food we'd prefer to have all day, every day!  


Monday and Thursday 9-6, Tuesday 11-5 and Friday 10-5 


in the lower part of Alto Boquete, we're on the David-Boquete hiway, past the new Texaco on your right if you're moving towards David.  entrance is immediately on the downhill side of Chopsticks Restaurant/Higgins Waffle House.  TURN IN JUST AFTER THE GIANT COCONUT!  the house is white, sits back from the road a bit, and is numbered 1600. 

-yes, this is the same place the fresh coconut products are picked up on mondays and thursdays.


hope to see you soon,

Jane Moodie


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