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A small group of us gathered for lunch at the relatively new Tory's Diner at Isla Verde. Great food and great service. Tory and Rick Tennyson arrived in Boquete from the US about two years ago after retiring from their CPA/accounting careers. They opened this eatery a couple of months ago. It is located inside the Isla Verde complex in Bajo Boquete.

If you like "comfort food" at a good value, along with great service, then you must patronize Tory's Diner.

Here are the breakfast and lunch menus. And then there are occasional special offers.

Tory's Menu_Page_1.jpg

Tory's Menu_Page_2.jpg


Below are some pictures of our ribs plate special, which cost $12.00 for the entire package, including the drink. The ribs were a special menu offering during our visit. The entrée included the ribs (baby back ribs, well prepared), country baked beans, sweet corn, and a twice-baked potato casserole. I had iced tea, which had just been freshly made (not the prepared bottled tea that is already sweetened), and Marcelyn had bottled water. The meat simply fell off the bones. Luscious is an understatement.


Below are some satisfied customers.



And a picture of Tory and Rick, the proprietors.



Tory's Diner is nestled among the lodging units at Isla Verde in downtown Boquete. Park alongside the street, and then wander in.

Note that Tory's Diner is open for breakfast and lunch only, and closed on Tuesdays. Hours of operation are shown on the menus.

Contact information: 6351-8745 or toryrtennyson@yahoo.com.

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Given that finding an entrance into Isla Verde may be difficult for some, here are some pictures taken that will help guide you to the "side access" into Isla Verde.



The red arrow below indicates the footpath to follow to the inner sidewalks of Isla Verde. Again, this is a side entrance, not the main entrance into Isla Verde.

P1000115-cropped arrow.jpg

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We went back to Tory's Diner for breakfast this morning. It was another rainy morning, but the ambiance was so warm and inviting. Serving sizes are quite large. Here are some pictures taken.


Below is the scrambled egg plate, with bacon that was cooked extra crispy by request.


Below are two different varieties of the baked French toast (one with sausage, and one with extra crispy bacon).



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