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Amigos de Animales July 2021 Newsletter


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Our mission is to provide low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats and to promote the general welfare of animals in our community and surrounding areas.  
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On Saturday May 29, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 107 animals with two vets working:
On Saturday, July 3, we spayed or neutered 49 animals with two vets working:
Here are the statistics for our year so far:
2021 Year-to Date:
Animales Totals to Date:
To date, Amigos de Animales has spayed or neutered 19,456 animals; 10,496 dogs and 8,960 cats.
We continue to hold our clinics along the guidelines of MINSA.  Sunday lockdowns pushed us to Saturdays, we are allowed a limited number of volunteers inside, and we always follow all safety procedures.
We are so grateful to our vets who have been working with us on Saturdays and helping us keep our clinics going. Holding Saturday clinics has been hard on the vets as they have their own offices and animals to care for, but we will continue to have our clinics monthly.
We now plan to begin Sunday clinics again with more vets and more animals. We have a backlog of over 500 animals who are awaiting our services!  It has been a difficult year and we appreciate our vets and volunteers and families for their patience as we resume (hopefully) a more normal schedule.
Kirsten Quimby is one of our incredible collectors who cares for cats.  She shared this special story with us:
Ilsia and her cats – a story from a young woman who helped her aunt:
It all started when I came back from Panama City to live in Boquete and went to visit my aunt. She is my grandmother’s sister and since I was little I remember her taking care of many animals (dogs, cats, possums). That day I remember seeing cats everywhere. My aunt was afraid of sterilizing them because she thought they would suffer. People used to leave kittens in boxes near her house and that’s how she ended having 50 cats!! I took 5 kittens to foster and find homes for them. The next month I convinced my aunt to take two female cats to the monthly clinic in Boquete held by Amigos de Animales, hoping someone could help us with the rest of cats cause we didn’t have the money for all the surgeries. I met Kirsten at the clinic and the following week we went together to visit my aunt and check her situation. Amigos de Animales kindly decided to help us with surgeries for all, adult cats and kittens. I put myself as foster home for almost 20 kittens. We took the cats to the clinic in batches of five. The adults were feral but the tiny ones deserved a chance for a family who loved them. We gave in adoption all the kittens and my aunt kept the 32 adult cats.
Update from Gabriela:  Four years have passed and because Amigos de Animales helped with sterilization the population was controlled. I can't imagine how many cats there would be there today, four years later, without the assistance of Animales. Kirsten Cares for Cats has continued helping Ilsia with feeding her cats, which is a huge support for my aunt, and we really appreciate it.
Ilsia and Gabriela
Kirsten and Ilsia
Just like Ilsia's story, there are so many local families who have been struggling this past year.
Since the pandemic started, we have been purchasing dog and cat food at a cost of about $1,000 per month.  We have been distributing this food to local families through the local government and our collectors.
To help recover the costs we have spent, and to fund this program through the end of the year, our goal is to raise $15,000.  We have raised $2,300 so far, and you can help by clicking here:
Our new mobile clinic van is here is Boquete and we are working on getting it wrapped (decorated), thanks to some great suggestions from the community.  We are having ramps made so that we can easily carry the animals in and out of the “operating room” inside the van. I hope we will have some more pictures to show you next month. 
Our mission is to provide low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats. We charge only $15 per dog and $8 per cat.  That does not cover our costs though, so we rely on donations and fundraisers to support us.
Our "non-raffle" has been a great fundraiser the past 2 years.  Watch for news coming soon about your chance to donate to win one of 3 great prizes!
Things are opening up here in Boquete so we’d like to celebrate with one of our most popular events, CASINO NIGHT!  Put it on your calendars:
October 23, 2021. More information to follow soon.
Animales is looking for a person or persons who could help us with our newsletter and social media and website maintenance, someone who can post on Facebook and Instagram and keep a flow of interesting and pertinent information going. We are also looking for a person with a graphic design background who could help us get our message out in a creative way. 
Please contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com if you are interested.
How to Help:
There are many ways that you can help Amigos de Animales:

If you would like to volunteer for Animales, contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com

If you can donate dog or cat food, please drop it off at the Amigos de Boquete office in Alto Dorado or contact akcleavenger@hotmail.com

Don't forget, the Animales Events Center is available to rent for meetings and gatherings of any kind. For rates and dates, contact us.

If you wish to make a cash donation:  
Donate to our U.S. not-for profit corporation:
For those who need a tax deduction for their U.S. taxes, we have set up a not-for-profit U.S. 501(c)(3) corporation:  Amigos de Animales, Inc.
Donations through the Paypal button above go to this entity
Or you can make a deposit to:
Wells Fargo Bank - Account #2052437031
Direct Deposit Routing #063107513
Wire Transfer Routing #121000248
Donate to our Panamanian not-for-profit fundación:
Fundación Amigos De Los Animales De Boquete (FADAB)
Deposit to:
Global Bank Corp. - Savings Account
Account #16-333-00033-4
Amazon Smile:
We know lots of you use Amazon but did you know that you can shop and do good at the same time? Sign up for Amazon Smile and support Animales with every purchase
Here is how you can sign up:

1. Visit smile.amazon.com
2. Sign in with your Amazon.com credentials
3. Search for the charity of your choice:
               Amigos de Animales, Inc.  Ft. Myers, FL
4. Select it as your charity
5. Start shopping! – remember that you always have to go to smile.amazon.com to donate.
Thank you for your support!  We could not do what we do without all of our incredible donors, sponsors and volunteers!
Amigos De Animales, Inc.
2733 Oak Ridge Ct Ste 104
Fort Myers, FL 33901
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