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Assembly passes bill banning electronic cigarettes

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Assembly passes bill banning electronic cigarettes


Posted 08/07/2021

A bill banning electronic cigarettes, previously vetoed by President Cortizo. was approved on Thursday, July 8, in the third debate in the National  Assembly.  

 Bill 178, which prohibits the use, import, and commercialization of electronic nicotine administration systems, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, tobacco heaters, and other similar devices, with or without nicotine, in Panama.

The project was partially vetoed in May 2020 by President Cortizo. The veto was made on articles 1, 3 and 4, of project 178, and it was made clear that articles 1, 6, 8 and 9 in Cortizo's opinion, “in essence, meet the same objectives as certain administrative regulations issued by the Ministry of Health that are in force ”.

On Monday, July 5, under the presidency of Crispiano Adames -proponent of project 178-, the plenary session resumed the discussion of the vetoed document.

According to Adames, the objective of the initiative is to implement “a legal framework” that establishes the prohibition of the use of electronic nicotine administration systems, “promoting the development of policies that safeguard the right of the individual to the promotion, protection, conservation, restitution, and rehabilitation of health ”.



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Cortizo asked to veto bill banning electronic  cigarettes


Posted 14/07/2021

The Association for the Reduction of Harm by Smoking of Panama and the Association of Smokers and Family Members for a Panama Free of Smoke asked the president,  Laurentino Cortizo, to veto as unenforceable Bill 178, which prohibits the use and commercialization of electronic administration systems of nicotine, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, tobacco heaters and the like, with or without nicotine.

The project was approved on July 8, in a third debate, by the plenary session of the National Assembly.

According to the two associations, the Assembly "insists" on forcing more than 240,000 smokers to consume traditional or combustion cigarettes, with all the implications that this can generate for the health of the person and their families.



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