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Update from the vendors association at THE Tuesday Market @ TapOut


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Dear community,
First of all; a big thanks to all of you that come visit us weekly, we truly appreciate it.
Due to the COVID pandemic we all knew THE Market was going to be different, not the one we were used to having before it all changed.
Our vendors are so fabulous, worked within the rules and took ownership of this new market. It’s the vendors market run by the vendors. We all want visitors to our market but it has become increasingly more difficult to have our market open within the tough MINSA guidelines. We are not responsible for making these laws, we are only required to follow them in order to keep our market open.
Recently we have been letting in too many people, having live music, trying to remember what it used to be like but then MINSA began visiting us saying we were not following guidelines. We learned some new things and started to follow as instructed. And then we received another visit from MINSA this past Tuesday. In the end, all good because they loved our market and last thing they want is to close us down but they did gave us some new rules which I need to share with you.
1. No more than 25 clients may be inside our market. This means that you will most probably find a line to stand in before entering. We kindly want to ask you to keep your distance from each other in the line, keep your masks up and respect if one of our team sends out some feedback about following these rules that are made by our government.  
And please do so with positive energy. No one gains from standing in that line with a negative vibe or even getting aggressive about it.
If you think this is too much to ask from you, then maybe postpone visiting the market till all rules are gone.
2. No more eating / drinking is allowed while walking around the market. Don't get me wrong, you may still eat that delicious arepa / sandwich / dessert you just bought but only when you sit in the area in front of the stage, where you find the picknick tables. MINSA stated that there is too much risk and supposedly spreading the virus all over the market when walking and eating / drinking around.
Please be so kind to follow that rule.
A reminder as well to all of you is that we open at 9am. For us, it's not convenient to have clients walking around while vendors are setting up.
So when visiting THE Tuesday Market @ TapOut these coming weeks, please minimize socializing so our vendors can remain in business and others can shop.
See you on Tuesday!
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