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Questionable "works of art"

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OPINION: Questionable "works of art"

Posted 29/06/2021

In the Ministry of the Presidency – in charge of the Vice President of the Republic, José Gabriel Carrizo –, the imagination has reached its limit. With the following article of the Public Procurement Law, it is foreseen to grant a direct contract to a company that provides market research and communication services: “Acts or contracts that refer to works of art or technical works, the execution of which can only be entrusted to reputed artists and recognized professionals ”.If a survey is a work of art, we are in the presence, in turn, of another work of art in terms of legal interpretations. The Mercadeo Integral, SA contract, which is pending, is for $195,000, but in the past, this company received from this same ministry two contracts totaling $2.6 million to do the same work. It is already suspicious that the Presidency only has eyes for this company, so that, in addition, it allocates hundreds of thousands of dollars to superfluous expenses in the midst of the pandemic. Mr. Carrizo the untouchable, who still owes us an explanation of the new terms of the Panama Ports Company contract, has to add another one: what works of art will Mercadeo Integral, SA present to us? LA PRENSA, Jun. 29.



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