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Vendors list of THE Tuesday Market @ TapOut


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Hello to you all,

Just a quick message reminding you which vendors you can find at TapOut every Tuesday.
See you Tuesday!
Name goods
Ana & Priscilla Marciacq Ana's veggies
Anayansi & Celene Panamanian Tamales
Baris Guere (Chox) Chocolates
Bolivar Aparcio Del Colmenar Honey del Colmenar
Cesira Dainelli Italian food
Colleen Hunt (Gluten Free Gold) Gluten free bakery
Finca Santa Marta Organic veggies
Finca la Unica (John Heiro) Organic eggs & Panamanian Arepas
Sergio & Flora (Flora’s Kitchen) Ukrainian food
From Scratch (Omer Sahin) vegan / turkish food
Fuxion (Jocselyne Rivera) organic drinks
Greek Sweets (Karen Kotatis & Tony) greek desserts
Daniel Daves (Global Food Providers) veggie/fruit
Morts Bakery (Yakov Poliwoda) Bakery
Only Veganos (Juan & Matthias) vegan frozen foods
Piero Mercanti (Milky Way Creamery) goat products (cheese / yogurts)
Pedro & Eira (Delicatessen Artesanal) Bread / Cheese / Pretzels
Raquel Sitton Shama's Arepas Venezuelan arepas
Rueben Ralph Stuger Sabor del Eden
Yesenia del Carmen Miranda Pinto Emilia Sangría
Anthony Rivera (Amway cleaning) Amway cleaning
Barbara Bradley Pan Pacific Interiors
CSF package courier service
Filipo Marestrini (Grupo Aguas) grupo agua
Laboratorio Vidatec (Rochelle Rozette) covid fast test among other tests
David Reynaga Puros de panama (cigars)
Donna Wendt Grubers
Elizabeth Worley / Dianne Heidke cloud forest botanicals
Krystl Culp essential oils
Angelica Montezuma plants / orchids
Carla Contreras Plants / masks
Barbara Lapid (Boquete Health & Hospice) Information / blood pressure
Boquete Handicap Foundation (Leslie & Maureen) Used books
DogCamp Adoption program / donations
Rotary coffee
Coralito Males Crafts
Donato Lopez Jewelry
Juan Santacruz Crafts
Javier Moreta / Sophia Campo Crafts
Jacinto Mamani / Calista Illancanchi Crafts
Karisna Justavino crafts
Laro Benite crafts
Miriam Maribel Topoz Ajpuac Crafts
Nori Granda crafts
Sylvette Day (Fabric as Art) quilts / pillows / art
Stalyn Santacruz Crafts
Tarquino Perugachi crafts
Tina Knowles (TNT designs) signs
Williams Lopez crafts
Dee Horn jewelry
Yolanda Vega jewelry
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