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Crispiano Adames - Controversial Choice For Assembly President?

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OPINION: Controversial choice for Assembly president


Cristiano Adames

Posted 18/06/2021

Without a doubt, the PRD has excelled. Its bench – the majority in the National Assembly - has already elected deputy Crispiano Adames as the next president of this state body, so the vote in the plenary session will only be a formality. With Adames there will be, as second vice president, a member of Molirena, a party that is not only part of the government alliance, but also of embarrassing recent scandals. 

Adames, who has not made it clear whether or not he has a visa to travel to the United States since it is not clear when he talks about it, would come to that presidency with the dubious credential of having supported and promote - against all union, professional, student and in general - a bill that sought to reduce the requirements to certify medical students, claiming that "an exam is not one that measures anyone's training." Adames has also starred in shameful incidents with his colleagues on the bench, even accusing one of them of being "a person delivered to civil society", as if being a citizen were a crime. This man - of an irate and intolerant character - is the one who will occupy the presidency of the Assembly. Nothing good about his credentials and pedigree. LA PRENSA, Jun. 18



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