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Los Mininos Virtual Adoptions


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We know many of you look at our cats and like them but are not able to have a pet (neither are we).  The solution might be Virtual adoption

We have some cats that will live out their lives being cared for at Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary.


a.   For 10 dollars a month, you get know you are helping a cat; you can pick one or we can assign one to you.

b.   For 25 dollars a month, you will receive a special thank you from your kitty (with their signature).

c.   For 50 Dollars a month, you will receive a quarterly report with pictures of how your cat is doing.

d.   And of course, you can come visit your cat!


You can help us care for them by becoming a virtual adopter. Here’s how:

1.   Select cat you want to Virtual adopt from here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV959DAwqbqe-zCUdqMqVd-s0cY75uKKP

2.   Go to https://losmininoscatsanctuary.org/donate/

3.   Select amount and click reoccurring

4.   Email us at judykodom@yahoo.com and let us know who you are Adopting. 


I not only volunteer at Los Mininos Cat sanctuary, and I also virtually adopted a cat too!


Thank you,


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