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Fundraiser for Nutre Hogar Chiriqui


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Hola Boqueteños:

Nutre Hogar Chiriqui is a non-profit organization that treats up to 40 severely malnourished children who are transferred from the malnutrition ward at Hospital Materno Infantil Josè Domingo de Obaldia.

Malnutrition is a severe problem that affects the poorest sectors of our province.  In Chiriquì 40% of the population lives in extreme poverty with the districts of San Lorenzo, San Felix, Remedios, and Tole being the ones with the highest incidence of malnutrition.   These facts place Chiriquì as the province with the highest poverty and malnutrition levels in Panama.


Our organization operates nationwide, but every Chapter is responsible for funding the operation costs of its Recovery Center.

The  Recovery Center that we direct can board and feed up to 40 children daily, supplying ever child’s needs of medicines, dietary supplements and education…and Much Love.  

The main objective of Nutre Hogar is to save pre-school children (newborns up to 6  years of age) from severe malnutrition and the irreversible physical and intellectual damages that it causes in children.  A child`s stay at Nutre Hogar depends on the degree of malnutrition, but it usually ranges from 3 to 8 months.

The treatment of children suffering from malnutrition requires a specialized diet, adapted to the specific needs of each child.   At Nutre Hogar a medical team periodically supervises the children`s development, providing vitamins, medicines and other treatments until recovery is completed.  

Once the child is healthy and returns  home, we provide an educational program with the family.  This program helps in the prevention of other malnutrition cases and serves as a community awakening to other parents.


To give you an understanding of the scope of our Mission…we need $25,000.00 a month to keep our center in operation.


Every year we have a campaign in which we ask for cash donations and for products needed at our Nutre Hogar –Chiriqui Center.

Because of the Pandemic we were not able to do this activity last year..and we are not sure we will be able to do it this September.


We are in need of  funds to be able to buy special milks and other products needed at Nutre Hogar Chiriqui.

Mona Lisa has offered to make “homemade pie crusts”.   

You can buy 1 pie crust for $5.00…or 2 pie crusts for $9.00. 

Whoever buys 4 or more will be entered  in a draw for a chicken pot pie for 2.

***For orders please contact Mona Lisa by e-mail: tumonabob1@gmail.com  


The Children of Nutre Hogar Chiriqui  need your help!!!

Only through the trust and support of all the people and companies that believe in our mission, can we continue to carry on this loving work.   

Please help us give a “hope of life” to all the children in Panama that suffer from malnutrition. 


In case you  need any further information please contact Judy Tovar at 6617-4122. 

In the name of the Children of “Nutre Hogar Chiriqui”…we Thank You for your Help and your Love! 


Tons of Blessings to you and your families 

Nutre Hogar Chiriqui


Yira de Alvarado




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