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Meowvelous May at Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary


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Who/What is Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary?

Los Mininos is a sanctuary for cats located in Chiriqui, Panama. We rescue and facilitate the adoption of adult cats (and some kittens) and provide a life-long home for any older, un-adoptable cats.

We believe that each cat is unique and deserves a good home. We provide a safe and healthy home for cats who are most in need and help those that are adoptable find a forever home.

We currently care for over 80 adult cats and one FIV-positive kitten. Some of our cats have special needs relating to age, behavior or health conditions but MANY would be a great addition to a new home. In our ¾-acre sanctuary, we provide two indoor shelter areas and two open air cabanas so that each kitty can choose where they feel the most comfortable.

Sanctuary costs include food, litter, cleaning supplies (hoses, cleaning solutions, brooms), soft beds (towels and plastic tubs), vet visits, medications, and a half-time employee. Dedicated volunteers help with cleaning.

Every cent of donations is spent on services provided to our rescued cats.




We need you during Meowvelous May! We are seeking donations during the month of May with a goal of $15,000 to cover costs for one year. We welcome any size donation. To donate, visit our website athttps://losmininoscatsanctuary.org/donate/.

You can also participate in our virtual adoption program by making a monthly donation of $10 to $50 for one of our special needs cats who will live out their life at the sanctuary.

a.     For $10 a month you get know you are helping a cat; we’ll send you their name so you can follow them on our Facebook page.

b.     For $25 a month, you will receive a special thank you from your kitty (with their signature).

c.     For $50 a month, you will receive a quarterly report with pictures of how your cat is doing.



We welcome visitors every Friday from 10 am – 4 pm. If you’d like to visit, please emaillosmininoscatsanctuary@gmail.com for directions.


We need people to run this large sanctuary; cleaning, accounting, social media and more.  Email losmininoscatsanctuary@gmail.com  for more information about volunteering.

Learn more about Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary at https://losmininoscatsanctuary.org/ and

get to know our cats on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/losmininossanctuary/


Thank you! 

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